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NYSE Companies Hitting New 52-Week Highs on Monday: PFE, TSO, LZ, STD, POT

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A number of companies trading on the NYSE managed to set new 52-week highs on Monday including Pfizer (PFE), Tesoro Petroleum Corp (TSO), Lubrizol Corp. (LZ), Banco Santander S.A. (STD), and Potash Corporation (POT).

Pfizer (PFE) put together a huge day of volume on Monday, closing with 169,514,645 shares trading hands, well ahead of its 47.3 million average, and along the way the company managed to set a new 52-week high of 20.26 before closing the day at 19.81. Pfizer, which engages in the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of prescription medicines for humans and animals worldwide, is currently trading above their 50-day moving average of 18.72 as well as their 200-day moving average of 16.65.

Tesoro Petroleum Corp (TSO) climbed to a new 52-week high of 26.72 on Monday before closing at 25.98 with volume hitting more than 15.5 million, more than 2x its average. TSO, which engages in refining and marketing petroleum products; operating in two segments, Refining and Retail, remains above its 50-day moving average of 21.25 as well as its 200-day moving average of 15.38.

Lubrizol Corp. (LZ) put together a huge day on Monday as shares hit a new 52-week high of 134.75 before closing the day up 27.73% at 134.68 with trading volume of 10.6 million, significantly higher than the 556,000 it averages. The massive day came as news hit that the company was being bought by Berkshire Hathaway, pushing shares in the company, which produces and supplies technologies that improve the performance of its customer’s products in the transportation, industrial, and consumer markets worldwide, well beyond their 50-day moving average 108.06 and their 200-day moving average of 100.82.

Banco Santander S.A. (STD) hit a 52-week high of 11.73 on Monday following trading volume of 9.7 million, slightly lower than their average of 10.3 million. Shares in the company, which provides various financial products and services in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, other European countries, Brazil, Latin America, and the United States, closed at 11.66 on the day.

Potash Corporation (POT) climbed to a 52-week high of 54.42 on Monday but actually closed eth day down 1.85% at 53.16 on below average trading volume. Shares in the company, which produces and sells fertilizers and related industrial and feed products primarily in the United States and Canada, remain one of the most active on the NYSE.

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