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Can Get Real USA, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GTRL) Really Generate Revenue from an Obscure Comedy Film?

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Sometimes a company is their own worst enemy and in the case of Get Real USA, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GTRL), which says they’re “in the business of producing low-budget, high quality genre pictures using recognizable name talent,” this appears to be evident. While GTRL has managed to push shares to a 52-week high of 0.1440 with trading volume topping the 2.3 million mark by early afternoon it is hard to imagine the roll will continue once investors begin to see the big picture.

For starters GTRL announced on Tuesday that they “will be handling the global distribution of the hit comedy, Tied in Knots.” Typically a “hit comedy” is something a majority of people may have at least heard of, that’s not exactly the case for “Tied in Knots.” GTRL may talk about “a well-known international cast of young actors” included in the film but that didn’t exactly translate into big bucks in the U.S. market when it was released.

GTRL has tried to play up the success of the film, noting that it won Comedy of the Year in 2010 at the Mojave Film Festival but they didn’t say how many films were actually submitted in that genre, nor did they mention that it was the inaugural year for the Mojave Film Festival, and on top of that, there is no website for the Mojave Film Festival, the link from the festival’s Facebook page turns up a message saying it cannot be found. So winning Comedy of the Year may not have been that big of a deal after all.

If that’s not bad enough, GTRL has also announced their music division was “selected to produce a soundtrack for the soon to be released comedy, Tied in Knots.” In the press release announcing this blockbuster move Khalil Kain, President of Get Real, stated, “We anticipate this sound track will do extremely well in both domestic and foreign markets.  The movie cast consists of actors that are very well known in the Asian and other key foreign markets.” Perhaps there is some correlation between a movie cast and the success of the film’s soundtrack but in all likelihood the success would be influenced by the musicians actually included in that soundtrack.

Kain goes on to say “The sound track will be distributed through Get Real USA, Bungalo Records, Platinum Records and Universal Music Group Distribution. Profits from this project will be reflected in Get Real USA’s earnings for 2012.” Any investor who has taken the time to look at GTRL’s earnings already knows they shouldn’t be expecting much, as a development stage company they haven’t generated any money from their operations.

Just trying to get through the press releases distributed by GTRL without feeling like you’re being insulted is hard enough but it’s taken to a new level when they announced in a press release that Aaron Johnson, Chairman of the Company, has been featured in an in-depth interview on CEOinsiderTV.com. Needless to say the “in-depth interview” is a promotional piece and to diminish its credibility even further the link from CEOinsiderTV.com featuring the interview takes you to YouTube.

While GTRL has said their goal is “to create a strong production pipeline while taking advantage of new technologies, production efficiencies and value-added enhancements such as innovative and edgy marketing strategies,” what they have done thus far can hardly be described as innovative or edgy.

As it stands shares of GTRL are benefiting from a promotional campaign that is playing off of today’s news regarding “Tied in Knots” but the reality is this is hardly news. Shares will almost certainly fade back to the 0.0375 level they hit earlier this month and could drop further when this promotion run ends.

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