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Toron Inc. (OTCBB: TRON) Relying on Old News to Spark Interest in Claims at Tiblemont Gold Property Located in Canada

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It is always a head-scratcher when a company begins to distribute press releases concerning events that occurred months ago, case in point Toron Inc. (OTCBB: TRON), a mineral exploration company focused on gold and other valuable metals that announced on Wednesday that on September 30, 2011 they had completed the acquisition of Block 2 of the Tiblemont Gold property which is made up of 20 claims with an area of 2,789 acres. Of course this release followed their release dated December 20, 2011 in which they announced they had completed the acquisition of Block 1 of the Tiblemont Gold property which is made up of 22 claims with an area of 2,638 acres.

While the reasoning appears to be clear, TRON is now the focus of a promotional campaign, it does little to win favor among serious investors. Even with TRON highlighting the property located in the South Eastern part of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of the Canadian Shields, Superior Province as being “well known for its important volcanogenic massive sulphides and orogenic lode gold deposits” there is little reason to take their acquisition seriously.

For starters, Block 1 and Block 2 were acquired after TRON issued 700,000 shares of common stock and paid $35,000 for each. With gold prices as high as they are right now it doesn’t exactly stand to reason that any claim with significant potential could be had for such a price. In their most recent press release company CEO Michael Whitehead, who happens to hold the title of president, chief financial officer and member to the board of directors, stated “”We have taken another important step in assembling our targeted acquisitions in claims in the Tiblemont mining district and we are hopeful to build on the two blocks that we have acquired.”

Hopeful is an accurate assessment given the fact that as of their last quarterly report TRON had no money and as of October 31, 2011 they had no assets while generating no revenue since inception and remaining dependent upon obtaining financing to pursue business activities.

In fairness to TRON they are relatively new to the mining game, having been created back in 2008 with the intent of engaging in the marketing, sales and re-sales via the Internet of web domain names or URL’s under the website www.manageyoururl.com. With that endeavor falling flat management opted to “redirect our business focus towards identifying and pursuing options regarding the acquisition of mineral exploration properties.” Why not? So on August 23, 2011 the company entered into the acquisition agreement and as a result of the transfer of title to the Block 1 claims to their wholly owned subsidiary, Toron Resources Inc., they began operations in the acquisition of mineral exploration properties.

It should also be noted that in September the company’s board of directors approved a forward stock split in which shareholders received 32 shares of common stock for each one share of common stock held at the time. Upon completion of the stock split, TRON’s issued and outstanding shares increased from 5,630,000 shares of common stock to 185,790,000 shares of common stock. Just prior to the split shares were trading at a 52-week high of 4.00 and within a month they were at a low of 0.0451, less than half the value when considering the split.

Shares have rebounded since hitting that low in October and are currently trading around the 0.1380 – 0.1430 range which puts them above that 4.00 mark factoring in the split but this surge is completely reliant on the promotional campaign, which means those prices could drop at any time, especially given the fact that TRON is nowhere near actually mining the claims they have acquired.

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